How to Have a Handicap Ramp Built at Low Cost

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    LESLIE: Debbie in Delaware is on the line and needs some help with having a handicap ramp built.

    What can we do for you, Debbie?

    DEBBIE: My husband broke his hip and we are in desperate need of a handicap ramp. He’ll be needing this handicap ramp after the break heals. He’ll be using a wheelchair and a walker after this. We are limited in income and we can’t afford even the materials to build this ramp. And I’ve been trying to go through government agencies and everything. And all I have gotten is a bunch of red tape.

    TOM: Tell me something: how high up does the handicap ramp have to be? How many steps are you trying to accomplish? Or just kind of describe the layout to me.

    DEBBIE: Yeah. It’s five steps into the house.

    TOM: Debbie, as much as I’d like, there’s sort of no quick fix for this situation. You do need a handicap ramp and the ramp has to – it’s going to be a very large structure and it has to be properly done. So I think your energy is best focused on how to get the professional help and to get the funds necessary to do this.

    Now, there is an organization that is called Rebuilding Together that does this sort of thing. And their website is Or just Google “Rebuilding Together.” They have got affiliates in most states across the country. Their national headquarters is in Washington D.C. And what I would suggest you do is to reach out to the national headquarters and speak with them about trying to connect with an affiliate that’s near you. I see there’s no affiliate directly in Delaware but of course, you can go to New Jersey or you can go to Maryland – anywhere around there – and probably find exactly what you need.

    They used to be called Christmas in April. And now they’re called Rebuilding Together. And I’ve done some of their projects in the past. And there – seem to be a good group of people that get a lot of great things done.

    DEBBIE: OK. I really appreciate it. Thank you so much for your help.

    TOM: Alright. And we hope that your husband heals up quickly.

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