Fall Decor: 10 Cozy Tips to Warm Up Your Home

The fall season evokes thoughts of home and hearth, as families and friends eagerly anticipate reconnecting with one another amid busy lives. Of course, most of us want fall decor that will impress, and help decompress, impending company — one with that autumn sensibility that exudes comfort and warmth … and stimulates the senses.

With this in mind, internationally regarded interiors expert Elaine Romero of Dallas-based Elaine Romero Designs, an award-winning luxury interiors group, offers these top 10 fall decor trends and tips:

1) Vintage accents. What’s old is new again. French burlap is no longer just for sack-racing. This Earth-friendly fiber is being utilized for chic pillows imprinted with a vintage stamped design or even a family initial. Accent chairs can also be seen covered in grey linen imprinted with vintage “document” script writing. Vintage couture lamps (and their replicas) are utter perfection, especially those with milk glass and natural material bases, drum shades and antique brass finials. Aged, color-washed wood accessories such as candlesticks, urns and bowls are popular as oversized accessories to accent and update a timeworn look.

2) Wallpaper. With a decreasing demand for faux finishes and walls painted in solid primary colors, wallpaper is making a comeback in a big and decidedly fashionable way. From bright and bold to subdued and elegant, today’s wallpapers are easy to apply and even easier to remove, making updating the seasonal look of a room easier than ever before. There are a seemingly endless number of choices, from solids to patterns and everything in between.

3) Timeless art. When shopping for items to occupy wall space, ditch the quick fix, “matchy-matchy” picture. Art doesn’t have to be expensive but it should certainly have meaning. Buy what you love. For your fall decor, mix mediums and styles. To add depth and character to your pieces, forgo the glass cover, which can be distracting and casts a glare that actually detracts from your interior design. Remember…if you love it, it works!

4) Elemental color. While neutrals have made a strong showing in design this year for primary design elements like walls and baseline furnishings, boldly colored accent pieces give a space visual interest and appeal. Brightly colored and/or patterned pillows, rugs and other accessories will bring an otherwise bland space to life. Of course, these accessories can be readily transitioned to exude the spirit of a given season.

5) Space simplification. If your goal is to ease and reprioritize your home and lifestyle, decluttering – including editing down furnishings and accessories – is the best way to gain control of your surroundings and feel a refreshed sense of purpose. It is very important to streamline not only the lines of your furniture, but the bulkiness as well. But, this does not mean giving up comfort for style. Many times we place too many items in a room when it comes to accessories, pillows, throw rugs and family photos. Pick and choose very carefully the most important items and then pare down from there. There is brilliance in restraint.

6) Rug rage. There has never been a more exciting time than now in the area rug industry. Whatever style, shape and design you can imagine is within your reach. Even if a space has wall-to-wall carpeting, place an area rug to establish a layered look and add depth and personality to a room and also tie in other disparate color components. A rug’s color palette and pattern can easily establish the desired style and tone of a season.

7) Bed basics.  Bedding has also changed this year. The pomp and circumstance of overstuffed pillows that seem to multiply in the night are out. Way out. Exquisite, neutral-colored linens are in, especially when paired with a luxurious top blanket and a clean-lined duvet. For those who desire more color that’s representative of fall, indulge in two medium sized pillows placed in front of each sham.

8) Pillow talk. Today’s pillow designs offer an array of textures, colors, shapes, sizes and accents, and can completely transform a room’s aesthetic. Accordingly, pillows have become the ultimate interior design accessory, especially since they are so versatile. Choose an assortment of pillows for the spring and summer and another set for the fall and winter. This allows you to seasonally transition a room in an easy and budget-friendly way. Also, resist the urge to “karate chop” pillows to give them a center crease, as this look is not style savvy.

9) Window treatments. While many love luscious fabrics, an overuse of material on your windows can quickly overpower an otherwise streamlined room. Linen panels are now very trendy since they beautifully outline and soften windows. This classic and timeless fabric is now available in a staggering array of colors to coordinate with any interior palette.

10) Brass. Yes, brass is back but a bit older and wiser. Antiqued brass and even antiqued gold have both made a large comeback on everything from drapery rods to cocktail tables, door and cabinet knobs to decor figurines. The light-reflecting surface of brass adds warmth, glow and movement to a space, making it perfect for a room with a fireplace.

Keep these tips and trends in mind when planning your fall decor, and you’ll bring warmth and comfort to your home.

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