Laminate countertops that have cracks, burns, or knife scars can be repaired with a plastic filler. To repair the laminate countertop, prepare the laminate countertop surface according to manufacturer's instructions. After prepping the laminate countertop, sand the countertop, then add a special topcoat to make your newly repaired laminate countertop look new again.

Kitchen Remodeling

Termites can cause thousands of dollars in damage to homesevery year.  Learn to protect your house by keeping wood - like firewood - away from your foundation.  And, have yearly inspections performed so new termites can be treated before any damage is done.


Water stains are ugly and can damage your wood furniture.  Learn how to remove water stains and water rings from wood furniture.

Interior Remodeling

Learn how the same toothpaste we use for our teeth can be used to clean stains on wooden furniture.


Use car wax to keep your showers, tubs and sinks shiny and clean.

Bathroom Cleaning

Seamless vinyl flooring that has loose, dirt gathering seams can be repaired. Glue down a loose vinyl floor seam, then apply a seam sealer to the seamless vinyl floor to prevent moisture and dirt from getting beneath the repaired vinyl floor seam.

Floor Repair

Learn how to clean existing concrete surfaces and how to keep fresh concrete looking new all year.

Siding, Columns and Trim

Rot needs moisture, water and an organic food source to destroy your home.  Learn how stop rot from rotting to wood in and around your house.


Learn how sandblasting can help you better prepare your home for a fresh coat of paint or other exterior projects.


Learn why childproof window guards are more important for your childrens' safety now more than ever.

Home Safety