Installing dimmer switches is a do it yourself project that costs about 5 dollars and takes about 15 minutes to install. Dimmer switches can instantly change the look and ambiance of a room. Dimmer switches come in toggles and slides.

Interior Remodeling

CFL's or compact fluorescent light bulbs use 75% less electricity and  last 10 to 15 times longer than the bulbs you may be using right now.


Halloween is a great holiday of treats for kids, but also a night where there are more tricks played on homeowners. Learn how to clean up the mess made by mischevious ghouls.


Learn to burglar proof your home to keep it safe from burglars when you are away. Burglary can happen at any time, but especially at the holidays. Burglar-proofing can prevent your home from being broken into.

Home Security

Security system maintenance and security system upgrades are critical in keeping your home safe from unwanted burglars. Stay up to date with home security system services and features offered by your security provider, and have your security system checked and tested regularly.

Home Safety

Learn how to properly extinguish a kitchen grease fire. Kitchen fires should never be extinguished with water.  Instead use baking soda to put out a grease fire.

Kitchen Appliances

Cross-contamination and the spreading of bacteria is a serious food issue and can be easily prevented.

Kitchen Countertops

Learn why cleaning your oven should wait until ater the holidays are over.


Learn how to clean excess starch buildup on your household iron.

Laundry Rooms

Old socks can be used to dust furniture. Old socks make great cleaning rags because old socks hold dust and won't scratch furniture.


New water-based paint strippers are just as effective and easy to use as regular paint strippers.


Learn how to use track lighting to your home's advantage.

Decorating and Design

Remove stains on your dryer's tumbler with a laundry stain treatment, a spray cleaner or a mild abrasive, then dry a load of old towels or rags for about 25 minutes.The cleaning and drying process will remove the stain on your dryer's tumbler so that the next time you do a load of laundry, you won't have to worry about the dryer transfering any stains on your clean laundry.


When building your own bookcase, keep the bookcase shelf length at 32 to 36 inches. When building your own bookcase, use dadoes and rabbet joints to secure the bookcase, then glue the joints so your bookcase will last a long time.

Storage and Organization

Stained tile grout can be dyed. First, clean the tile grout with a household cleaner and a stiff brush. After the tile grout is dry, you can apply colorant to the tile grout.

Bathroom Remodeling

Learn how getting some much needed yardwork done in the winter can cut down the amount needed in the spring.