Carpet stains can be eliminated with the proper cleaner. Learn which cleaner is best for your carpet stains.

Interior Remodeling

Home fires can strike at anytime. Prepare, plan your escape route, and practice with your family so that everyone knows what to do in case of a home fire.

Home Safety

Some smoke detectors may not alarm in time to save your life in a fire. Learn the difference between ionozation and photoelectric smoke detectors and how dual-technology smoke detectors are the best life saving option..

Some Smoke Detectors May NOT Save Lives: Ionization vs. Photoelectric

Programmable thermostats can save you money and energy all year. Programmable thermostats let you control how warm or cool you want your home to be. Use a programmable thermostat to control your central air conditioner during the summer months and help reduce energy bills. In winter, a programmable thermostat can be set to keep you cool at night and during the day, and set to warm you up when you're home.

Central Air Conditioners

Decorating with paint can transform a boring room, and a few accessories can complete the look. New outlet covers and switch controls that match the new paint can also make the room look fabulous.

Choosing Colors and Patterns

Leaky toilet repairs can be quite costly. A few drops of blue or green food coloring in the tank can alert you to any toilet repairs that need to be done.

Bathroom Remodeling

Squeaky floorboards can be easily fixed. To fix squeaky floorboards, have an assistant walk the floor. When the floor squeaks, tap a glue-coated shim in between the floor and the joist. This should end your squeaky floor problem. Squeaky floors that are carpeted can be fixed by driving a drywall screw into the squeaky floorboard, or by pounding a hot-dipped galvanized finish nail through the carpet floor and into the joist.


Store firewood away from the house and off the ground. Storing firewood too close to the house attract termites and carpenter ants that can cause serious damage to your home.

Fireplaces and Wood Stoves

Learn how to use bleach to effectively kill bacteria in your home.

Bathroom Cleaning

 Adding knobs, pulls and handles to your drawers and cabinets can improve the look without costing very much.  Use knobs, pulls and and handles of all different shapes and sizes.

Bathroom Cabinets

Learn how to create the look and feel of a warm, glowing fire without the mess of a traditional fireplace..

Decorating and Design

A breakdown in your home entertainment system might not be as serious as you first think. You could save a lot of time and money on unnecessary repair bills for your home entertainment system by taking the time to check basics before you call a repair person.

Home Technology

Before new or additional wiring is installed in your home, have your electrical service upgraded. To upgrade electrical wiring in your home, always rely on a licensed professional electrician to do electrical wiring upgrades for you.


Choosing molding products has become easier with all the patterns and styles on the the market today. Hardwood molding can be expensive, while paint-grade pine or fir mouldings are less expensive than hardwood moulding. Ready-to-paint moldings are made from high-density polymers, and gives you the best moulding for you buck.

Building and Remodeling

Sanding cabinets before painting ensures that new paint will stick. Sanding cabinets is a sure fire way to get rid of any blemishes or dings. Sanding cabinets after the grime has been washed away will also make your cabinets look like new, even before you apply paint.

Kitchen Remodeling

Concrete walkways Make an inviting enterance to your home.  Here's how to create a concrete walkway.

Outdoor Living

Wood gutters are rare, and require extra attention. Wood gutters need to be resealed every two years, in the dry season. Wood gutters need to be sanded, then have a wood preservative applied to them. Wood gutters can then be finished with asphalt-aluminum roof paint.

Exterior Remodeling

A built-in desk will help you make use of otherwise dead space in high-traffic areas like your kitchen. built-in desks, need plenty of shelves and drawers, as well as built-in desk space for computers.

Home Office

Nail pops occur when lumber dries out and pushes nails right out of the wall. Drive in a new nail, cover with spackle, paint, and you no longer have a nail pop.

Nail pops