How to break a spring cleaning marathon into manageable segments to make the spring cleaning job easier and faster.

Storage and Organization

Consider the list price of your home carefully before selling.

Buying or Selling a Home

Spring cleaning tips for old paints and chemicals.  Dispose of all paint, thinners, motor oils, kerosene and dangerous cleaning solutions at your local recycling center.


Get visual appeal when hanging photos and artwork.

Interior Remodeling

A few key kitchen appliances can help save time and make life easier.

Kitchen Remodeling

How to make new plants and landscaping successfully take root in Spring.


Throw pillows are luxurious and can be used in all kinds of innovative ways. 

Living Rooms

Lighting is key to making small spaces look and feel larger.  Here are tips help make small rooms, including kitchens,  appear bigger.

Small Kitchens

Tips on how to paint old or salvaged furniture an unexpected color to give it new life.

Faux finishing

Careful programming of your house thermostat can save you hundreds of dollars a year. Find out how to program your house thermostat to save money.

Cooling and Air Conditioning

Carpet is not cheap, but keeping carpet clean with regular vacuuming and annual steam cleaning will make your costly investment last longer than if you didn't remove the dirt on the carpet.


Keep the inside of your washer clean by running the washer with just water and bleach. Remove dryer stains by spraying the tumbler with a spray cleaner, a mild abrasive or laundry stain streatment and then removing with a clean cloth. Run a load of old towels for 25 minutes, and your dryer should not transfer stains again. Keep the outside of your washer and dryer clean with a mix of dishsoap and water.

Laundry Rooms

Wall or ceiling cracks can easily be repaired with some drywall tape, and spackle or mud. Once repaired and dry, the former crack can sanded and repainted.


Learn how to mouse-proof your home with these simple steps.

Mice and Rats

The main water value is the most important plumbing valve in the house.  Knowing where It is can be important in an emergency.  The main water valve controls the flow of all water into your home and must work properly to prevent damage.


If yu are considering buying a second home as an investment or as a possible vacation home, learn how to make sure buying a second home is the right home for you or your renters.

Buying or Selling a Home

Carpet stains can be eliminated with the proper cleaner. Learn which cleaner is best for your carpet stains.


Ladder safety should be a top priority when using one. Make sure you follow all the precautions before you decide to use your ladder to avoid falling off the ladder.

Home Safety

Programmable thermostats can save you money and energy all year. Programmable thermostats let you control how warm or cool you want your home to be. Use a programmable thermostat to control your central air conditioner during the summer months and help reduce energy bills. In winter, a programmable thermostat can be set to keep you cool at night and during the day, and set to warm you up when you're home.

Central Air Conditioners