Planting trees in your yard is a natural way to keep your home's temperature comfortable.  Trees can be planted strategically to shade sun from your house and to shade central air conditioners making them more energy efficient.


Air drying the dishes in your dishwasher can reduce dishwasher costs on your energy bill. To reduce dishwasher costs, do not use the power dry switch on the dishwasher.  Air drying your dishes can reduce dishwasher costs by abut 1/3. 


By keeping your oven door closed, you ensure consistent cooking times and save energy.  Opening the oven door to check the progress of your meal, results in the oven having to use extra energy to reheat back to it's set temperature.

Ranges & Ovens

You wouldn't think that a stereo or printer would be using electricity even when they are shut off, but they do. Here's why and how using a power strip can save you $50 a year on electricity.


Musty smells are casued by micro-organisms emit gasses in your home wherever it  is dark and humid.  Here's how to combat the musty small problem.

Air Quality

Properly designed pool fencing is the most effective way to keep children safe.  Pool fencing can be installed on all sides of a pool or on just three sides if the pool backs up to the house.  IN that case, additional layers safety are needed in addition to the pool fencing.

Fences and Gates

Building a deck is a great way to enjoy the outside in nice weather without the cost of a new addition.

Outdoor Living

Siding damage can be stopped easily with a few preventative measures which will save you from paying a lot for repairs.

Exterior Remodeling

An inexpensive air filter for your central air conditioner might be all that stands between you and a $1,500 repair bill for your central air conditioner.

Air Conditioning Repair

Duct cleaning is something your might consider doing every other year, or if the home has been through a very dusty experience like a remodeling projects. Heating and cooling filters should be changed regularly order to keep your duct system clean and to improve efficiency. Duct cleaning and changing filters should be high on a home owner's priority list, as the air inside the home could be dirtier than the air outside.

Interior Remodeling

Household dust is a problem that bothers allergies and can carry germs. Here is a tip to reduce dust circulating in your home.


Learn how to clean siding to bring back the shine to your vinyl siding without damaging it.


Decks are a great source of fun for the coming season. If your deck has nails that are slowly coming loose, check out this do-it-yourself tip.

Decks and Patios

Clean your wood deck with a mixture of powdered laundry detergent and hot water. To remove mildew stains from your wood deck, use a 10 % bleach solution, and you will have a shiny clean wood deck that is ready for summer fun.

Deck and Patio Cleaning

How to clean dull white film from outdoor flagstone with a mixture of pool acid and water.  


Wood rot is the cause for much grief in many homes. Here's how to rid your house of wood rot for good.

Siding, Columns and Trim

Architectural and electrical plans, called drafts, lay the groundwork for major home renovations.  Here's how to tell the difference.


To reduce heat loss from an attic ladder access opening try PINKCap® Attic Stair Insulator from Owens Corning. It is fully assembled and easy to install without any tools.

Attics and Lofts

Attic insulation saves you thousands of dollars per year.  Learn more about insulating and R-values.

Attic Insulation

Adding insulation to your home is the single most important thing you can do in your home to cut down on energy costs and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Energy Star