Decorating and design difference between women and men.  Learn to compromise on decorating and design differences with your spouse.

Decorating and Design

Mold needs moisture to grow and spread. Find out how to stop mold spores from traveling throughout the home, where they can settle, and the health impacts posed by mold spores.

Air Quality

Keep mold out of a finished basement by choosing mold-resistant materials and finishes, such as paperless drywall that resists mold growth, and hard surface flooring that won't grow mold.


Mold growth is a threat in spaces with high humidity. Find out how to measure humidity levels throughout your home to prevent the development of mold.


Mold can develop in a storage areas if cardboard storage boxes come in contact with moisture--two sources of mold food. Find out how to prevent mold growth in storage areas, and what to do if mold has already spread in your basement storage area.

Avoiding Mold

How to keep your furnace from freezing.


Mold can grow aggressively on traditional paper-faced drywall, which provides mold all it needs to survive. Learn how a new paperless drywall option prevents mold growth and the home and health issues caused by mold.

Drywall and Sheetrock

Mold growth isn't always easy to see, but a musty smells musty can signal it's presence. Learn about mold's favorite hiding places, and how to uncover mold without causing mold spores to spread to other locations in your home.


Wet basement, drainage.  Fix wet basements with proper drainage, gutters and downspouts.


Low VOC paint, low odor, low or zero VOC paints. 

Green Home, Saving Energy

Radon is a colorless, odorless gas that occurs naturally when uranium in the soil breaks down. If inhaled, radon can cause damage to your lung tissues and can lead to lung cancer.

Healthy Home

If your house was built before 1978, there is a 75% chance that it contains lead paint.


Save money on cooling costs and keep central air conditioning from working too hard by following these simple guidelines.

Central Air Conditioners

Decks take a lot of punishment from sun and snow alike.  Check yours for rot or cracks at least once a year.

Decks and Patios

Run your dishwasher and washing machine ONLY when you have a full load to save a whopping one THOUSAND gallons of water a month?

Kitchen Remodeling

Drafty ductwork can cause unforseen energy loss. Duct sealing can repair air leaks in ducts.

Forced Air Heat

If you need firewood for a wood burning stove, don't fuel the fire with the wrong fuel. Burning the wrong fire wood in your wood stove could damage the stove.

Fireplaces and Wood Stoves

Even though electric water heaters are the most expensive way to produce hot water, adding a simple water heater timer can help save money and reduce water heating costs.

Water Heaters

Latex caulk can help you save money and energy by sealing drafts from your windows. A $2 dollar investment in latex caulk can save many more dollars in heating costs.