Accommodate extra-large ironing projects with a custom ironing pad to fit a handy countertop or table.

Laundry Rooms

Find out how a white vinegar soak can melt away the mineral salts that are causing clogs in your faucets or showerheads.

Bathroom Cleaning

In the dead of winter, what could be nicer than stepping out of the shower onto a nice warm floor? Adding radiant heat to the bath can actually be a do-it-yourself project, assuming experience with electricity.


The bathroom is one of the most dangerous rooms in the house, but you can make a number of smart changes to help prevent accidents. Learn about easy bathroom upgrades that enhance safety and convenience.

Bathroom Remodeling

If your appliances are still in good working order but you can’t stand the color, you're in luck. Learn about your options for easy makeovers that will give your appliances a fresh new look.


Shopping for a new appliance and not sure what to buy? All the choices can be daunting, but there’s an easy rule of thumb you can follow.

Energy Star

To pre-rinse or not to pre-rinse: it’s the question that’s been the source of many a household disagreement. But if you have a newer dishwasher, the answer is clear – don’t do it. Find out why.

Stoves are a real danger zone for children. Learn how to prevent accidental burns and fires in the kitchen.

Ranges & Ovens

Find out why the modern kitchen layout might be contributing to some unhealthy eating habits. Learn a simple trick to help discourage your family members, and yourself, from overeating.

Kitchen Remodeling

When you’re redoing a sink-and-counter workspace with a tile backsplash, consider this quick, custom makeover.

Tile and Stone

Find out how to store and preserve paint so that it lasts indefinitely. Also get tips on disposing of old paint properly.


Window repair is generally a do-it-yourself job with a good chance for success.  When it comes to window replacement, however, we advise most of our audience to go pro.


Want to give your home a green makeover, from the bottom up? Finding eco-friendly flooring is a matter of knowing what to look for. The greenest options offer sustainable beauty through recycled or renewable content, have product and adhesive formulas that are free of formaldehyde and VOCs, and support indoor air quality through easy cleaning and maintenance.

Green Home, Saving Energy

Get tips on how to use universal design principles in your kitchen upgrades to keep the space accessible to you as you age.

Universal Design

A poorly insulated home leaks away valuable energy dollars whether you’re using new solar or old-school electric, so do all you can to improve your home’s structural efficiencies before taking on a new power technology.

Insulation and Ventilation

If you’re playing host for Thanksgiving this year, your first step should be to make sure your kitchen equipment is up to the task -- starting with your range hood. The right range hood doesn’t just make cooking more pleasant, it actually improves the air quality of your entire home.

Air Quality

If you like the idea of fresh, locally-grown produce but can’t get it during winter, why not try growing it on your own? With the right light, the right soil and the right pot, you can grow herbs and even some vegetables all year long.

Container Gardens

Find out how to make wallpaper application easier with this simple tip: dampen the sheet first.

Decorating and Design

If your current refrigerator was made before 1993, it uses twice as much energy as a new ENERGY STAR qualified model.


Cleaning a deck can give it a fresh new look. Learn how to clean a wood deck with this simple deck cleaning recipe of bleach, water and detergent. Plus get tips on the best time of the day for deck cleaning.

Decks and Patios