Are squeaky floorboards grating on your nerves, or foiling nighttime trips to the kitchen or bathroom? Squeaks are the result of boards rubbing together or nails that have loosened. To eliminate the noise of squeaky floorboards, you have to eliminate the movement. Regardless of the type of floor you have, there are a couple of easy fixes. If you've got access to the squeaky floor via a crawlspace or basement, recruit an assistant to walk the floor and help pinpoint the squeaky problems. At the squeak sites, gently tap a glue-coated shim in between the floor and the joist. 

If the squeaky floor is carpeted you can remove the carpet and drive a hardened drywall screw into the board. A short-term fix for squeaky floorboards without removing the carpet is to locate the floor joist with a stud finder, then pound a hot-dipped galvanized finish nail through the carpet floor into the joist. The carpet can be pulled up through the head of the nail so that it's invisible. If it's a wood floor that squeaks, try a little oil soap in the joints to eliminate the squeaky floorboard. The soap will quiet the squeak and clean the floor at the same time.