The Money Pit Radio Show
Week of September 3, 2012

Get ideas on what you can do with some extra space in your home. Learn how to clean up a basement after a flood. Learn a quick trick you can do in your kitchen to spruce it up without spending much money. Plus get answers to your home improvement questions including, bush removal, sticky doors, damp basements, sink holes, clean a tub, hiring an architect, restoring a deck, repairing cracks in cement, HVAC installation, mold, radon issues.

Learn how gutter guards work and whether they are worth the expense. Learn how to tell if the treasures you’ve inherited over the years are actually worth something. Get information on cleaning and storing your screens for the colder months. Plus get answers to your home improvement questions such as, hiring a contractor, eliminate refrigerator smells, well water, squirrel problems, fixing walls and ceiling