The Money Pit Radio Show
Week of November 9, 2009

Inside painting is a popular cool weather project.  But paint odor can sometimes be overwhelming.  Get tips to get the job done odor free. Learn how an energy audit can help determine exactly where your home might losing energy and deliver the advice you need to get it fixed.  Find out how to test for radon in your basement and how to remove radon if the test comes up high. Plus get answers to your home improvement questions about restoration of concrete floors, scratched toilets, adding a blower to the fireplace, painting countertops, information on appliances, water heaters, laminate flooring, whistling pipes, and upgrading your deck..

Cleaning up for the holidays is a good idea, but Tom and Leslie explain why running your oven’s self cleaning cycle is not the thing to do before preparing a big family dinner. The housing market is slowly showing some signs of recovery. Learn more with writer Les Christie. Find out how to create a room with a view, even without a window. Plus get the answers to your home improvement questions about purchasing a foreclosed house with mold, cleaning siding, maintaining your furnace, laminate flooring, venting a bathroom, fixing a leaky water heater, windows, and renovating a basement for occupancy.