The Money Pit Radio Show
Week of November 12, 2012

Replacement windows with argon gas can save you a lot of energy and money from escaping out of your windows. Transform a cramped-feeling bathroom into a pleasant space. Save on your energy bill by reducing the amount of energy your refrigerator uses. Plus get answers to your home improvement questions about , tankless hot water heaters, insulation & ventatlion, ceiling & wall repairs, ridge vent, product recommendation, ceramic tiling flooring.

Learn how to make overnight guests comfortable when they stay for the holidays, Keep your home safe with fire resistant insulation. Learn about a sensing switch that can help save on your electric bill by automatically turning off when not in use. Plus get answers to your home improvement questions about, appliance cleaning, houses on slabs, kitchen countertop options, painting paneling, sheetrock, ceiling installation, eliminating rodents, winterization, kitchen remodeling.