The Money Pit Radio Show
Week of May 31, 2010

Learn the best way to clean windows, and how to check windows for wear and tear or even damage. Find out how to clean concrete to keep it looking bright for years to come. Discover ways to quiet water hammer – that loud, banging sound that comes from your home’s plumbing. Plus get the answers to your home improvement questions about, tiling over hardwood floors, removing a wallpaper border, deciding what the best home improvement to make to your home is before selling it, investing in a new washer and dryer, installing laminate flooring over berber carpet, cleaning stains from roof, steps to finishing a basement, eliminating noise from heating ducts, installation of a generator.

Home improvement spending is up this year, but more home owners are making smaller and smarter changes. Learn what remodels make the most sense in the current economy. Find out how to check your asphalt roof shingles for signs of wear and tear. Discover why the new generation of composite decking resists mold and mildew and looks better than ever. Plus get answers to your home improvement questions about, well water pressure, painting outdoor stairs, fading hardwood flooring, sinking foundation, best type of insulation , powerwashing siding, carpenter bees, resurfacing asphalt driveway, cleaning a brick fireplace, energy audit for your home.