The Money Pit Radio Show
Week of May 25, 2009

If you’d like more living space but can’t afford the renovation, learn an easy way to increase living space without adding on to your home’s structure. Also, composite decking is a popular choice these days but all composites are not created equal! Tom and Leslie tell you how to sort out the best, most durable, choices for your home. Get tips on driveway and patio cleaning, plus answers to your home improvement questions about stucco paint, double-pane windows, repairing deteriorated concrete, installing a hot tub, oak flooring, mold, insulation, a noisy sump-pump, repairing a cracked driveway and condensation on aluminum windows.

This hour, Tom and Leslie cover important fire tips including how to safely use your windows as a means of egress in case of an emergency. In today’s Décor de jour segment, we’ll have a quick and easy decorating tip help you create an upholstered headboard. Learn how to cut energy costs at your front door and an easy tip for ceiling fans that can help keep you cooler in the summer. Plus get answers to your home improvement questions about bathroom drain odors, stripping paint from wood floors, building a porch roof, pressure washing houses, venting kitchen ranges, mold, bad seals on double-pane windows, choosing window air conditioners and removing wallpaper.