The Money Pit Radio Show
Week of March 8, 2010

Bad contractors are out there, but we can help you spot scam artists. Learn what signs to look for to make sure you aren’t taken when you take on home improvements. Discover green trends for your bath makeover. Find out all about installing a sump pump in your basement. Plus get the answers to your home improvement questions about cleaning mold , dealing with neighbors, gutters, installing insulation, removing popcorn ceilings, wood stoves, distributing heat evenly, noisy dishwashers, fixing cracked walls, patching a roof, installing an exhaust fan, fixing A/C noises, replacing a leaking pipe.

Window replacement is a good investment that will put cash back in your pocket. Learn about the windows that will qualify for tax credits. Also find out exactly how to claim your tax credits for energy efficient home improvements, discover the secrets to using green paint on your walls, learn how to plant evergreens in your yard for lush landscaping. Plus get the answers to your home improvement questions about basement flooring options, insulation for a new house, staining trim, installing a dehumidifiers, repairing a countertop, patios and decks, gaps in your wood floor, removing stone from a fireplace, and  cleaning laminate flooring,