The Money Pit Radio Show
Week of June 18, 2012

Learn what you should keep handy during hurricane season, even if you don’t live on the coast. How to keep your family safe while enjoying time on the deck. Learn how adding sidelites to your front door can add light without driving up cooling costs. Plus get answers to your home improvement questions such as, replacing doors, repairing concrete patios, tiling floors, stain a deck, remove lilac bushes, mold on walls, fixing a paver walkway, eco-friendly rugs, chimney repair, cleaning foundation walls and repairing wood floor boards

Learn about a new service that lets you beat rising phone prices. Front doors should be attractive, but also energy efficient. Learn which door ranks number one for efficiency. You can repair a concrete driveway yourself without spending a fortune. Plus get answers to your home improvement question such as, repairing cracked driveways, installing central AC, roof leaks, eliminate ants in the driveway, repair uneven wood flooring, indoor gardening, insulate walls, well water and  window dressings.