The Money Pit Radio Show
Week of June 15, 2009

As summer roles forward, Tom and Leslie deliver tips to help you cut water use for your lawn. Mosquitoes are also a common summer pest, learn to stop them from hatching in your backyard. And, get tips for an easy way to install new drywall and learn how to stop summer heat transfer through west-facing windows. Plus get answers to you home improvement questions about building a deck, attaching a deck to a concrete block walls and staining a deck. Also, eliminating bugs in your house, garage doors, hard water, removing mold and mildew, fixing a broken window, and determining if trees are worth saving, installing a split air conditioning system, fixing a leak damaged ceiling and removing a stuck rubber-backed carpet.

Every year, dangerous garage doors come down unexpectedly, trapping kids and adults underneath. Learn how to make sure your garage door is safe. Get tips to clean dirty vinyl siding, and learn which type of flooring is best for basements. Also find out how home automation is getting smarter and smarter, and making it easier to manage your homes function, comfort and energy efficiency. Plus get answers to your home improvement questions about cleaning stainless steel, refinishing a basement, reducing humidity in a basement, claiming energy efficiency tax credits, selecting a whole house backup standby generator, fixing a septic system, insulating a roof, and Tom and Leslie help a listener who inherited an illegal addition in a recently purchased home.