The Money Pit Radio Show
Week of July 20, 2009

This hour, we launch an exciting new on-air partnership with our friends at This Old House.  Every week, host Kevin O’Connor, along with Roger Cook, Tom Silva or Richard Trethewey, will join Tom and Leslie for a featured segment of the show.  Today, Roger shares tips to keep your grass growing through the hot summer days ahead.  Also get tips on home improvement projects you can do with your kids, and learn how to manage your thermostats for maximum cooling efficiency.  Plus get answers to your home improvement questions about fixing a stinky basement drain, repairing a rotting garage roof, freshening dull resin chairs, installing grab bar handles, cleaning stains out of rugs, new paint for Formica laminate countertops, staining pocket doors and removing mold from a bathroom.

When summer storms roll in, lightning is often right behind them. Tom and Leslie will have tips on how to protect yourself, your home and all your electronics with a lightening protection system. Plus, when the economy goes south, scams go on the rise and this is certainly true of home improvement contractors as well. Get tips to help you avoid the most common home improvement scams from Craig Smith, CEO of Service Magic. Plus, get answers to your home improvement questions about ridding your home of woodpeckers, installing bamboo flooring, painting aluminum siding, staining a bookcase, cleaning concrete around a pool, building a handicapped accessible ramp and find out how to make sure new windows you install qualify for energy efficiency tax credits.