The Money Pit Radio Show
Week of January 4, 2010

Learn why tax credits are making energy efficient hot water heaters very affordable right now. Find out how to get a luxury look for less when it comes to granite counter tops. And find out about safe and ergonomic improvements that will take the pain out of kitchen duties and add value to your home. Plus get answers to your home improvement questions about removing a popcorn ceiling, mold on tile, exterior steel doors, prepping before painting, replacement windows, furnace problems, slow flushing toilets, changing color of floor tile, insulating a crawl space, cleaning storage racks,

Learn how to make a home improvement that you know will pay off. Find out how exterior work like landscaping, paving, painting, potting...can increase your home’s value by MORE than the cost of the project. And a new year means a new to-do list for your home... we’ll help you figure out which projects just CAN’T wait. Plus learn how to recycle those rechargeable batteries that are piling up from old cell phones or power tools. And get the answers to your home improvement questions about, removing products, replacing a dryer hose, tree pushing up driveway, pellett stoves, leaky windows, replacing laminate floors, cleaning brick siding, replacing a plumbing pipe.