The Money Pit Radio Show
Week of February 22, 2010

Find out how to make free cell phone calls from home using your home computer, discover the latest paint color trends for 2010, and learn how radon testing can help clear the air at home and make your home healthier. Plus get the answers to your home improvement questions about, metal roofs, weather stripping a garage door, painting a concrete driveway, cabinets, eliminating termites and cracks in foundation, heating issues, types of insulation, water heaters, and refrigerator ice makers.

Dozens of items are recalled each year, but how do you know if you own one of them? Learn how to find out how to know if products are safe. Also, discover why a light bulb ban goes into affect soon on 100 watt incandescent bulbs and get advice on how to prevent identity theft especially during tax season, Find out the best and worst vacuums from Consumer Reports. Plus get answers to your home improvement questions about cleaning a basement floor, insulation for walls, building a ramp, re supporting a rotted deck, retiling, tub resurfacing, squeaky floors, and updating bathroom fixtures.