The Money Pit Radio Show
Week of February 18, 2013

Learn about the hottest décor trends for 2013, including retro looks and colors. Find out how to keep all the clutter from household electronic gadgets contained, by labeling charger cords. Create a landscape plan so that you are ready to plant come spring. Plus get answers to your questions about, mold, electric water heaters, thermostat choices, paint, garage floor repair, choosing a roofing contractor, decking material s, AC replacement, radon safety, basement condensation

Get ideas to add glitz and glamour to your home so it’s red carpet ready for the Academy Awards. Find out options for heating your garage so you can use the space for more than just storage. Learn about a brand new adhesive from a brand you grew up with. Get advice on how to keep your washer and dryer running right to keep laundry day happy. Plus get answers to your home improvement questions about, fireplace facades, removing fire odors, septic systems, remove paneling on walls, leaky faucets, water laminate floor refinishing and cleaning, staining a fence