The Money Pit Radio Show
Week of February 15, 2010

Find out why outdated technology is changing the landscape of your house.  And learn how to build a retaining wall from the experts at This Old House.  Plus get the answers to your home improvement questions about kitchen countertop options, finishing basement ceilings, termite elimination, replacing decking , cleaning walls after wallpaper removal, installing new plumbing in existing house, fixing cracks in concrete, roof replacement, tankless water heater installment, regulating heat and air in room additions.

Find out how to navigate cash for clunkers appliance rebates to save money when you replace old appliances with more energy efficient ones, learn how to find treasure in your attic when you discover the secrets to dating old furniture, and discover a product that will help you lay tile quickly and easily and without mess.  Plus get answers to your home improvement questions about, keeping water away from your foundation, giving your bathroom a facelift, installing laminate flooring, correcting hot water flow, cleaning an oil stain from a coach, installing an under the counter refrigerator, painting wall tiles and re glazing a tub, paneling to paint or remove? Resurfacing formica countertops, stopping water from coming into the crawl space, installation of a sub floor, cleaning mold from the attic.