The Money Pit Radio Show
Week of December 27, 2010

Learn why sealing air leaks and adding insulation are both important when trying to keep your energy bills down.  Find out how to take down holiday decorations easily and quickly and how to store them until next season.  Learn winter decorating tips with ideas on chasing away those winter blues.  Plus get answers to your home improvement questions about heating and older house, plumbing leaks, insulating attics to save energy, countertop update, eliminating roof moss, decorating your walls, energy efficient windows, mounting a TV, cleaning floor tile.

Find out how to trade in old and outdated electronics for cash or tax credits, learn how to make holiday returns easier, avoid green hype and find out how you can tell if a product is truly good for the environment.  Discover how you can re-stretch loose or wrinkled carpet.  Plus get answers to your home improvement questions about chipped granite, radiators, tub re glazing, repairing driveway cracks, hiring a contractor to fix your roof, removing wallpaper, replacing an exterior door, choosing a dryer, repairing siding.