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Hurricane Protection for Your Home

If you live in a hurricane-prone zone, here are ten hurricane protection tips to help you stay safe and prevent hurricane damage.

Secure Windows:  If you live along the coast, homemade plywood or professionally built shutters are a must when storms are imminent.  Buy ½ inch plywood stamped...


Are your casement windows difficult to open?  Does the window crank seem too stiff to turn?  You won’t need butter or vegetable oil to make them move more easily.  Follow these simple steps instead:

-- First, remove the screen from the casement window from the inside of the house.

-- Next,...

Windows and Skylights

Your window coverings can help you conserve home energy and prevent the sun from fading your furnishings – but adjusting them can be a real hassle. You either end up opening and closing your blinds and shades all over your house twice a day, or you give up and just leave them in one...