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Replacing your water heater can provide long-term value in the form of money and energy savings. But you don’t have to wait until your current water heater fails. By simply switching to a new energy-efficient water heater or a new energy source, like propane, you could save hundreds of dollars...

Time to Replace Your Water Heater? This Quiz Will Tell You

Water heaters use a lot of energy. In fact, they are the second-largest energy user in the home, and as they age they become less efficient, requiring even more energy.

The average water heater needs to be replaced every 10 to 12 years. To find out if it's time to replace yours, take the new...

Tips on Fall Home Maintenance Projects
Fall home maintenance projects are all about protecting your home and preserving safety and comfort indoors, which you get your home ready for winter. Grab a few tools and a half an hour now to tackle one of the following chores, and you’ll thank yourself warmly a few months down the line. 
How to Avoid Plumbing Emergencies
Holidays are a prime season for out-of-town visitors, and, often, household plumbing emergencies, including backed up drains and clogged pipes. Busy kitchens mean more grease and food waste to drag down the kitchen drain and disposer, and house guests equal extra showers, baths and toilet...
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 Water heaters are designed to keep your water hot, regardless of whether you need it or not.  This can result in lots of wasted energy.  Installing an insulating water heater blanket can help keep the heat in.  Here's how to install a water heater blanket:

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