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Central Air Conditioners

I would like to install air conditioning on the 1st floor of my 2 story home.  I have casement style windows that swing out so I can't install a window unit. I could install central air, but I don't use the 2nd floor of the house.  The windows are 10 yr old Anderson.  Should I replace 1 window...


Summer is just around the corner, and when that first really hot day hits, you’re going to want some cool relief. But, thanks to Haier’s Serenity Series air conditioners, it doesn’t have to come at the price of your peace and quiet.

Haier’s ESAQ406P and ESAQ408P window air conditioners are...

Cooling and Air Conditioning

A whole house fan mounted in the ceiling of your hallway will draw air through your entire house through open windows. These fans are 50 percent cheaper to run than central air, and create a cooling effect that will keep you - and your cooling bills - very comfortable. 

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Home Cooling Tips for Summer

With summer upon us, keeping your home cool creates a welcome escape. But you don't have to get hot-headed in your attempts to beat the heat. There are lots easy ways to cool down - and cool off - without spending a fortune.

Central Air Conditioning:  If you are lucky enough to have a...

Tips to Increase Home Cooling Efficiency

Summer has just begun, and it isn’t holding back. It seems there’s plenty of heat to go around, and no shortage of days when it’s unappealing to spend any more time outdoors than absolutely necessary. So when you need your home to be an oasis for chilling out, it’s important to make sure your...