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Home Cooling Tips for Summer

With summer upon us, keeping your home cool creates a welcome escape. But you don't have to get hot-headed in your attempts to beat the heat. There are lots easy ways to cool down - and cool off - without spending a fortune.

Central Air Conditioning:  If you are lucky enough to have a...

Whole House Fans

A whole house fan mounted in the ceiling of your hallway will draw air through your entire house through open windows. These fans are 50 percent cheaper to run than central air, and create a cooling effect that will keep you - and your cooling bills - very comfortable. 

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Air Conditioning Efficiency: How to Lower Home Cooling Costs
Efficient air conditioning is the result of year-round efforts, from pre-season maintenance of your system to smart improvements inside and outside of your home. Take time now to consider the following air conditioning efficiency checklist so that your family is comfortable and your utility...

Staying cool in the summer is a priority for most homeowners. Whether your home has a complete central air-conditioning system or just a window fan, here's what to look out for to help you stay cool in the summer without spending a fortune.

Inefficient Windows:  Roughly 40 percent of the...

Heat Pumps

Every home has its hot and cold spots, but you can create continuous comfort with ductless, efficient H2i Hyper-Heating units from Mitsubishi Electric. Redefining the heat pump approach to climate control, H2i uses inverter-driven compressor technology in its outdoor unit to deliver precise...