Water in My Basement

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We've recently purchased a home and noticed a musty smell in our basement. We initially thought it was because it sat vacant for a while, however now that we're getting tons of rain the smell is worsening! (It is partially finished but the problem room is a wood workshop. There is exposed earth/rock in an interior corner so we didnt know if this was the reason?! So we had a mold service come in and they tested the air. We did have high levels so they tore down walls and found black mold. They treated those areas but the smell is still there....and they said the exposed rock area was not moldy?! So, we thought this was going to fix it but it hasn't! Every time it rains the exposed area gets wet....not by the walls...in the center! Is it below the water table? What should we do? I have young children and don't want this to be harmful! Should we try busting the area and pouring more slab? Please somebody help!