Lower Kitchen Cabinets: Custom design will provide improved function and comfort

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Tom Kraeutler
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I've just moved into an 81-year-old house with 10-foot ceilings. The previous owners upgraded the kitchen, but to get to the top shelf of the cabinets, I need to stand on the top step of a three-step stool. At times I wonder if they serve oxygen at that height! Also, because the floor wasn't plumb, it appears that they mounted the lower cabinets on a platform to get them to mount properly. Consequently, the countertops are at the bottom of my rib cage. In 15 years when I reach the ripe old age of 70, I can't see myself stepping on that ladder to get to things! I want to remodel, but everything I see in magazines shows these humongously tall upper cabinets, and I have no idea what to do about the bottom cabinets. 5'2" is not unusual for women. Do they make cabinets for people my size?