Hot 2nd Floor Bedrooms

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My family moved into a new house last October. It's a house built in 2007, our energy bills are very low, and the house seems to hold its temperature very well. However, the two bedrooms on the second floor (where our 20 month old and 1 month old sleep) don't cool off at all when it's hot. The rest of the house is a comfortable 74 degrees, but it's at least 80 up there. 

Some information about the two bedrooms: both are about 12x12 and have a ceiling fan that is almost always on, one bedroom faces west and the other faces east, each has one floor vent for the air conditioner and no cold air return (I assume that it is designed for the air return to go down the steps right out side the bedroom doors), each bedroom also shares a wall with the full ceiling height crawlspace above the uninsulated garage (which I can only assume is even hotter than the bedrooms), and we also want to have the doors closed so the boys don't wake each other up. 

Do you have any suggestions to get these rooms a little cooler? Should I install some kind of a fan in the doors to get the A/C air moving? Should I check the insulation in the walls? Is there anything I can do to the windows to sheild it from the sun better? 

Thanks in advance for any help you can give!

Andrew Mays

Quincy, IL