Hail Damage to Roof & Siding

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scott mikesell
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Our home recently received severe damage to the roof (T-Lok shingles), siding and gutters. I'm looking for advice.

#1 I want to replace the roof with a Class IV Malarky shingle. Is this a good choice and/or are there less expensive options available?
#2 The Cedar siding was "hail blasted" and needs re-stain?ing. I'm wondering what the "best" solid color stain available is. I've been told that Behr solid color siding stain is great, but is it the best for price and durability?
#3 Any suggestions on rain gutter? Should aluminum be used? Should I stear clear of vinyl? Any other options?

Also, completely unrelated, but another project I have is for an over-the-range vent hood. I want a good canopy style that will remove smoke very well but I don't necessarily need a professional model. (very pricey) Suggestions on brands and how to vent in a kitchen where the stove is not on an exterior wall or island?