Fixing a Water Damaged Ceiling: How to Fix a Sagging Water Damaged Ceiling

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Tom Kraeutler
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A few weeks ago I had a leak in my roof which I had repaired. The problem started before the roof was fixed and I had water damage in the ceiling of one of the bedrooms.  I used my Ryobi recip saw today to cut out the damaged drywall (5ft x 4 ft) and install a new piece.  The problem popped up when the new piece was installed, I noticed that some of the old drywall is visibly sagging lower than the new piece.  It's way more than can be covered with a simple mud job.  Any recommendations?

I figure worst case scenario is that I gut the whole piece across and call a general contractor to install a new ceiling (the room is about 8' x 10').  Any advice you could give me about fixing my leak damaged ceiling would be welcome.