Best Ways to Keep Your Hardwood Floors from Scratching

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Hardwood floors are lovely, lending a warm and antique vibe to any room they grace. The only problem involves the risk of scratching or scuffing all that wood, which is a constant worry if you have kids or pets. However, with the right care and a few smart tricks, you won't have to worry about any blemishes on your stunning floors.

Read Product Labels Before Purchasing

It's easy to assume that because a hardwood floor is just a floor, you can wash it with water or a mix of water and vinegar. While that's theoretically possible for manufactured hardwood or protected flooring, it's generally a bad idea. Water can seep into the cracks of your wood, making the boards swell and damaging them from the inside out.

It's better for your floors if you buy products that are specifically formulated for hardwood. Make sure to read product labels before you buy them, so you can guarantee the polish works for treated or untreated wood, depending on what you have. It's generally a good idea to clean your floors with the same things you use to clean wooden furniture.

Furniture Sliders Prevent Scratches

Speaking of furniture, have you ever moved a table or a bed from one side of the room to the other, only to discover a series of ugly scratches? It's happened to everyone at one point or another, but you can fix it — and you don't have to stop rearranging your furniture, either. In fact, you have several options:

• Buy furniture sliders, small pads of various sizes that slip underneath the legs of tables, chairs, and beds when you move them
• Make your own furniture sliders by gluing or stapling pads to the bottoms of your furniture legs
• Or simply slide playing cards or business cards between under your furniture

Don't Wear Shoes In Your Home

Shoes can cause a lot of damage on hardwood floors, especially high heels and heavy boots. If you want to keep your floors in pristine condition, simply take your shoes off just inside the door and ask your guests to do the same. If you have any four-footed friends, you can let them wear shoes — such as dog or cat booties — or you can simply keep their nails trimmed.

Professional Floor Cleaners

You can protect your floors with all sorts of area rugs and runners, but many people prefer to let their lovely floors show. If that's the case, and you simply can't remove the scratches on your wood, check out professional flowing companies. There are professional flooring companies in every city. For instance, if you’re in the Denver area, look for flooring companies in Denver and get help from the professionals. They can buff out scrapes and scratches, and they have protective products that can create a barrier for your floor.

Since hardwood floors lend a luxurious and polished appearance to any home, it's important to keep them looking gorgeous. Don't assume that a simple bucket of water and a mop is right for the job. On that note, do you have any home remedies for erasing or reducing scratches?

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