Vinyl Tile Flooring

MODe Luxury Vinyl Tile Flooring lets you express yourself in your own style

MODe Luxury Vinyl Tile flooring is a high-end collection of vinyl tile flooring that combines installation options, durability and exceptional design flexibility.  MODe, short for My Own Design expressions, offers considerable latitude for self expression with the ability to show all the flair your comfort zone will allow. 

MODe vinyl tile flooring features a unique easy-down/easy-up option that provides a choice of installation methods and allows homeowners to simply update their floors according to their changing tastes. 

Vinyl Tile FlooringAvailable in more than 80 designs, MODe vinyl tile flooring offers looks that not only replicate natural materials, but allow you to flaunt your style with designer colors and patterns that can be mixed and matched. 

MODe vinyl tile flooring is also a high performance floor with a nylon infused aluminum oxide wear layer that resists scratches and improves gloss retention to keep the floor looking new longer.