Most Energy Efficient Water Heater Available Now

Rheem HP-50 is super efficient and will pay for itself

Heating water for your home is the second most expensive utility bill you’ll pay. Only heating and cooling your home cost more. The best way to save money on hot water is to get the most energy efficient water heater you can.  If you’ve been thinking about replacing your water heater with something more energy efficient, there is a super energy efficient water heater on the market right now that may suit your needs.

The Rheem HP-50 is an intergrated air-source, electric heat pump water heater. Although electric water heaters have been expensive to run in the past, that is not the case with the HP-50. This is most energy efficient water heater on the market right now… more efficient than any electric or even gas water heater. It offers more than twice the energy efficiency of a standard electric storage water heater. The energy efficient design will help a family reduce its carbon footprint by nearly two tons every year! Most Energy Efficient Water Heater
Another benefit of the Rheem HP-50 is that it is available now, through most plumbers. There is no special ordering required. It can also be installed by a typical plumber, without any special training needed.
If you’re expecting holiday guests, the Rheem HP-50 has a touch pad control that allows you to account for the extra water usage and make sure you don’t run low on hot water for all those showers! It also has a vacation setting to save even more energy while you are away.
Perhaps the biggest benefit is the cost. It’s energy star rating qualifies it for a federal tax credit and potentially state and even local utility companies, the Rheem HP-50 will pay for itself in no time. To learn more about the Rheem HP-50 visit