Hyde Pivotpro Water Wand Makes Cleaning Jobs Faster and Easier

Every cleaning job starts with “the gathering” – the big search for buckets, brushes, sponges and anything else you might need. The prospect of having to corral all your supplies can be so daunting that you decide to just put off the job entirely. If getting started is half the battle, the Hyde PivotPro Water Wand makes the battle much easier. It eliminates the need to round up all your cleaning equipment by loading everything you need right onto the wand. You can simply pick up the tool and get right to work.

The Hyde PivotPro Water Wand turns your hose into a cleaning machine, allowing you to wet, soap, scrub and rinse most anything with just one tool. It comes equipped with a spray nozzle, a reservoir for soaps or other additives, job-specific brushes that attach to the front of the wand for easy scrubbing, and a ratio adjustment dial that lets you set the amount of cleaner you want per gallon of water. The cleaner is then automatically mixed to the right ratio.

The wand itself also gives you 46” of extra reach. It’s called a PivotPro because it has a patented nozzle that pivots as you work. This allows you to stand back out Hyde PivotPro Water Wand Makes Cleaning Jobs Faster and Easierof the path of water and pivot the nozzle to direct the spray at the correct angle, without having to be a contortionist! You can clean the undercarriage or roof of your car, for example, without bending, stretching or stooping.

There are two versions of the PivotWand: one for Boats & Autos that comes with a soft bristle brush, and one for Outdoor Cleaning (pictured) that comes with a stiff brush for cleaning decks, siding, walkways and more. Both versions also come in a kit with multiple brushes that solve specific cleaning problems. The Boat & Auto model has a suggested retail price of $45; the Outdoor Cleaning model is $48.

The Hyde PivotPro Water Wand has everything you need for your next cleaning job built right into it so you can work much more quickly and efficiently – plus a long reach and pivoting action so you can get all the tough spots without straining. It’s the perfect tool to help you tackle your to-do list. Learn more at TheHydeWay.com or purchase at HydeStore.com

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