Dow Great Stuff Gaps & Cracks Seals out Energy Waste

If you added up all the gaps and cracks around your home’s window and door frames, electrical outlets, plumbing lines and more, you’d have a space the size of a standard window. That means as long as those gaps go unsealed, you’re essentially heating and cooling your house with a window open!

Dow Great Stuff Gaps & CracksStop such energy waste with Great Stuff Gaps & Cracks from Dow. This easy-to-use insulating foam sealant expands to fill gaps up to one inch wide, forming a durable, airtight and water-resistant bond that reduces drafts. It’s also paintable, stainable and sandable. Use Great Stuff Gaps & Cracks anywhere air gets in and around to help reduce heating and cooling costs and control pests.

Great Stuff Gaps & Cracks is available at The Home Depot, where it’s featured with other Great Stuff insulating products in the Eco Options environmentally preferred product collection. Learn more at