The Craftsman Quiet Front Wheel Drive Lawn Mower: Less Noisy, Still Powerful

Do you hate using your lawn mower because of how loud it is? You’re not alone – consumers say noise is the number-one thing they would change about their mower post-purchase. To provide a solution, Craftsman is introducing the Quiet Front Wheel Drive Lawn Mower featuring Briggs & Stratton’s Quiet Power Technology engine designed to reduce sound and vibration, resulting in a quieter, yet still powerful, lawn mower.

The Craftsman Quiet Front Wheel Drive Lawn Mower is Less Noisy Yet Still Powerful Changes to the speed governing and fuel system allow the engine to operate at a lower noise level without sacrificing performance, giving you the flexibility to be able to mow earlier in the morning and later in the evening. The Craftsman Quiet Front Wheel Drive Lawn Mower, also available in all wheel drive, is 65 percent quieter than a comparable Toro model, allowing you to hear your children play and even carry on a conversation while you mow.

Briggs & Stratton's Quiet Power Technology features 7.25 ft.-lbs. of gross torque for more cutting power. Front-wheel drive with variable speed lets the mower do the work so you don’t have to. This mower also offers Craftsman-exclusive Smooth Smart plus starting system, making it quick and easy to start the engine with one pull. EZ Bagging Access allows for singlehanded bag operation.

The Craftsman Quiet Front Wheel Drive Lawn Mower is available at Sears stores nationwide and online at Sign up for the Craftsman Club to receive exclusive deals, gain access to members-only projects, get expert tips and learn about the latest tool innovations from the brand.