Anti-vibration Pads for Washers and Dryers

KE Shake Away PLUS Pads stop vibrations, keeping laundry machines in place

KE Shake Away PLUS Pads can help keep high-efficiency laundry appliances in place. If you have invested in these machines, you know that their turbo rotation speeds of 1200 RPMs and above can lead to vibration in your home.

KE Shake Away PLUS Pads can reduce impact and potential damage by converting the mechanical energy from the vibration to heat energy that's dispersed throughout the pad rather than transferred to your floor.

KE Shake Away PLUS PadsKE Shake Away PLUS Pads are practically indestructible, made of non-toxic materials and unaffected by moisture, detergents, oil, grease and cleaning solvents.

KE Shake Away PLUS Pads can be found at Lowe's, Best Buy, independent retailers and major appliance parts distributors and dealers.