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Avoiding Mold

Keep mold out of a finished basement by choosing moisture-resistant materials and finishes. Paperless drywall such as Georgia-Pacific's DensArmor Plus is a great choice for walls, as it doesn't contain the paper fiber that mold feeds on and resists the damaging effects of moisture.

Air Quality

With today's homes being built tighter and tighter, the risk of having a mold problem has increased. The tighter a home is, the more likely the buildup of moisture that invites household mold and mildew. When preventing mold from spreading in your home consider the following:

Carpenter Ants and Bees

As winter fades, spring sunshine begins to warm up interest in home construction projects. But this can also be a time of home destruction as termite swarms arrive in the Southeast United States. Once temperatures are consistently above freezing, these wood-destroying pests swarm inside homes...

Rodent Control Solutions for Winter Season

October is National Rodent Prevention Month, the kickoff to a season when rodents tend to join us indoors to escape winter’s chill. Now’s the time to take preventive measures such as sealing foundation cracks, clearing clutter around the home, and placing d-CON baits and traps in strategic...

Cleaning Mold

Mold impacts human health and the structural integrity of a home. If you find mold growing anywhere in your home, you must take immediate action by killing and removing the mold. By carefully cleaning the infected area, you can also help prevent the mold from returning.

The extent and type...

Forced Air Heat

New homes are just as much at risk for mold problems as older homes.  Though we've been living with mold for centuries, modern building materials like drywall are particularly vulnerable to mold growth. Complicated heating and cooling systems, as well as air-tight buildings that aren't...