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Buying or Selling a Home
A home foreclosure may appear to be a hot deal, but beware of hidden costs if you are bargain shopping. Foreclosed homes often come with a variety of repair and financial problems that can add up to major expenses. Before starting your property search, make sure you know exactly how much home...
Hiring Contractors
Dear Tom and Leslie: 

Where can I find helpful online home improvement calculators for my upcoming projects? I’d like to bulk up my “favorites” list so that I’m prepared?

Urban Living

The question of whether to rent or buy a home can pop up more than once in life, and at any stage. Several elements enter into the complicated and very personal equation leading to your answer, and one category that can be expensive to leave out is that of home improvement and...

Exterior Remodeling

Planning home improvement projects are always fun. From a designer bath with plush fittings to a luxurious outdoor pool to beat the summer heat, renovating your house can add to its overall appeal and increase its value in case of a resale. But remodeling can have an added cost of increased...

Home Technology

If you haven’t been using the internet to save money when you shop, you’re missing out.  Maybe you’ve been intimidated by the vastness of the internet and its options, or feel you don’t have time to do a lot of comparison shopping or hunting down bargains.

The good news is, shopping for...


As the 44th president of the United States, Barack Obama is helping homeowners with policies based on his campaign promises that reform lending practices, grant tax cuts and credits, and encourage energy efficiency. 

Mortgage lending

In order to prevent a repeat of our current mortgage...