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Hobby Rooms: Create a Space for Your Favorite Pastime

Many of us have dreamed of a space in our homes dedicated to our favorite hobby. Maybe for you it’s a workshop, a sewing room, a writer's nook or an art studio. 

Well, what are you waiting for? There’s no better time than now to live your dream. And you might be surprised by how easy it is...

 Dramatically Reduce Energy Consumption with the New Lg Ecohybrid™ Dryer

With the new LG EcoHybrid™ Dryer, environmentally-friendly laundry no longer means stringing a clothesline across your backyard. Featuring heat pump technology similar to that found in air conditioners and dehumidifiers, the LG EcoHybrid™ energy-saving electric dryer recycles heat once it’s...

Surge Protection for Home Office Systems

Keep your home office running efficiently and provide both battery backup and surge protection using the APC Back-UPS ES 750G. Via a compact industrial design, this office helper reduces everyday energy consumption by automatically shutting down power supplied to printers, speakers and other...

Healthy Home

Do you love starch on your shirt collar, but not on your iron? To prevent starch build up on your iron, soak a washcloth in white vinegar, wring it out and iron it with your iron on the warm setting. The starch residue will transfer from your iron to the cloth, and your sticky situation is gone.

Decorative Wall Panels

DPI's Fashion Wall Metallic and CarbonTech wall panels bring the look of heavy metal to home offices, exercise rooms, garage remodels, workshops, lofts and urban contemporary spaces without the heavy price tag. 

Surprisingly realistic brushed stainless, carbon fiber and titanium styles draw on...

Find out how to plan and organize home workspaces including your home office, garage workshop and laundry room. Get ideas for easy shelving and storage, choose energy-efficient equipment and appliances, and learn how to care for such home workspace investments as clothes dryers and workshop tools.