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Bathroom Remodeling

Home Sweet Home can harbor many dangers that are easy to put off fixing or overlook altogether. Take time to secure your home inside and out to prevent the following top home danger zones from impacting your family’s safety and security.

Insufficient fire protection: Buying a bunch of smoke...


Do you love starch on your shirt collar, but not on your iron? To prevent starch build up on your iron, soak a washcloth in white vinegar, wring it out and iron it with your iron on the warm setting. The starch residue will transfer from your iron to the cloth, and your sticky situation is gone.

Buying a Washing Machine: Invest in High Efficiency

When buying a new washing machine, the smartest move you can make is to invest in a high-efficiency appliance.

You might be tempted to save money on a cheaper washing machine, but you’ll get better savings in the long run when you buy a high-efficiency washer. Purchasing a new washer isn’t...

Homework Help for Kids Comes from Home Office Organization
If your family’s squad of scholars is distracted and disorganized during evening homework sessions, you can make a few changes to create an organized home office space that will encourage academic success, homework help, and family harmony.
A truly smart office space can be created on the...

The room in your home that sees all the dirty laundry doesn't have to be a waste of time and energy. Today's energy efficient washers and dryers and amenities are smart, flexible and built to save money over the long haul. Welcome to the laundry revolution.

Smart machines.  Family members...

Find out how to plan and organize home workspaces including your home office, garage workshop and laundry room. Get ideas for easy shelving and storage, choose energy-efficient equipment and appliances, and learn how to care for such home workspace investments as clothes dryers and workshop tools.