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Garage Remodeling

It's time to stroll around your home and find ways to efficiently improve your home organization, improve household traffic patterns, and dump the clutter that adds stress to your life and wastes energy.  These tips can help.

Getting your home organized doesn't have to be accomplished in a...


The room in your home that sees all the dirty laundry doesn't have to be a waste of time and energy. Today's energy efficient washers and dryers and amenities are smart, flexible and built to save money over the long haul. Welcome to the laundry revolution.

Smart machines.  Family members...

Hobby Rooms: Create a Space for Your Favorite Pastime

Many of us have dreamed of a space in our homes dedicated to our favorite hobby. Maybe for you it’s a workshop, a sewing room, a writer's nook or an art studio. 

Well, what are you waiting for? There’s no better time than now to live your dream. And you might be surprised by how easy it is...

Bathroom Decorating and Design

Need to outfit a room with a vent fan, but can’t stand the racket when it’s running? NuTone® LunAura™ exhaust fans provide Ultra Silent™ ventilation for humidity and odor control, along with convenient, efficient LED lighting. Use LunAura’s bright task lighting for daily functions, then switch...

Laundry Rooms

We are remodeling our kitchen/pantry/laundry room.  Does it make sense to replace our electric clothes dryer with a natural gas dryer? We could have the plumber extend the gas line into the laundry room while the walls are opened up.
Kjklax 7-24-07 7:30AM

This makes total sense.  In general,...

Find out how to plan and organize home workspaces including your home office, garage workshop and laundry room. Get ideas for easy shelving and storage, choose energy-efficient equipment and appliances, and learn how to care for such home workspace investments as clothes dryers and workshop tools.