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Exterior Remodeling

Rocking chairs.  Knitting.  Cast-off shoes.  

Porches  don’t exactly have a hip, modern reputation.  But they might soon.  

The porch is making a comeback, with homeowners and builders rediscovering the appeal and possibility of space that merges the comforts of being both indoors and out. ...

Building and Remodeling

This spring and summer, thousands of homeowners will perform the necessary maintenance for their wood decks. They'll strip, sand and stain their decking and railing to help revive the looks and preserve the structural integrity of the deck.
For Will Spivey, a homeowner in western North...

Get ideas for transforming your yard into an outdoor living area, with tips on building decks and patios, designing outdoor kitchens and outdoor theaters, and mosquito-proofing outdoor living areas. Find out how to maintain and repair porches and decks, and learn how to clean outdoor furniture.