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Want a quick tip to keep tile flooring looking like new? Make a solution of white vinegar and water to wash your tile floor. The vinegar cleans and shines the tile floor without leaving streaks.

Plus, vinegar is half the cost of those expensive tile cleaners -- as well as being a safe,...

Appliance Service Contracts

Appliance service contracts, also known as extended warranties, are popular add-ons for major appliance purchases such as refrigerators, dishwashers and clothes dryers. Much like product warranties, appliance service contracts provide repair and maintenance coverage for a certain length of...

Cheap Home Improvements: More Affordable Home Upgrades

In an uncertain housing market, dropping big bucks on complex home improvement projects isn’t always the way to go.  However, with a little DIY know-how and a conservative amount of cash, there is a lot you can do to enhance both the value and enjoyment of your home.

Here are seven cheap...

Bathroom Faucets

Learning how to prevent plumbing problems such as leaks, bursting pipes, and clogged drains is easy with the right tools. Old and new homes alike require year-round attention to plumbing details, so watching for the signs of plumbing problems is a must.

If you pack a little know-how and a...

Bathroom Decorating and Design

Ceramic tile, which consists of a glaze over a clay and talc body, has been used to beautify as well as protect surfaces for millennia. The mount and type of, or lack of, glaze determines the look of the finished tile. 

There are five basic types of tile:

Ceramic Tile: This has come to mean any...

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