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Garage Safety and Storage Tips

For many Americans, garages are the most well worn entryway to their homes.  Besides the daily family traffic, the garage is also a place where we risk safety by mixing things together for storage that would never be found in the same place anywhere else in our home.  Toys and toxins are a...

Hurricane Protection for Your Home

If you live in a hurricane-prone zone, here are ten hurricane protection tips to help you stay safe and prevent hurricane damage.

Secure Windows:  If you live along the coast, homemade plywood or professionally built shutters are a must when storms are imminent.  Buy ½ inch plywood stamped...

How to Prevent Accidental Poisoning at Home

Accidental poisonings at home are a serious problem, but a study finds most Americans aren't taking the simple steps needed to prevent accidental poisoning. 

According to the Home Safety Council, accidental poisoning is the second leading cause of home injury death in the United States. Yet,...

Garage Storage and Organization

Quick. What should you do with leftover household hazardous waste like house paint?

  1. Pour it down your sink and rinse can well.
  2. Pour it at the curb and flush with hose into nearest storm drain.
  3. Cover can tightly and throw away with regular trash.
  4. Dump it in a corner of your yard...
Garage Floors
Dear Tom and Leslie: 

I'm self-employed and with the economy being tight, I'm spending a lot more time at home and thinking converting my garage to a workshop that I'd use to tackle projects from car repair to woodworking.  In reviewing the floor options, I'm trying to decide between...

Find out how to get more out of your garage with tips for garage floor finishes, converting a garage to a workshop, and smart garage storage solutions like pegboard wall panels. Learn what to look for when shopping for a garage door, how to winterize your garage and protect it from weather extremes like hurricanes, and how to make your garage safe and prevent accidental poisoning with proper garage storage for chemicals.