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Exterior house painting is a great way to maintain and beautify the wood siding on a home, but it's important to do things correctly. By making exterior painting mistakes on your home, you may suffer the consequences: a shortened life for your brand new paint job.

Here’s how to avoid the...

Deck and Patio Planning and Building

When the weather turns pleasantly warm, most of us jump at the chance to open the windows, replace our door and window screens and let fresh air provide soothing, natural ventilation to our stale winterized homes.  But storm doors can be clunky and partially obstruct your view, and sliding...

Air Cleaners

The weather is turning cooler, the kids are back in school and the leaves will soon change colors...a sure sign that fall is here.

Here are five easy fall home improvement projects you can tackle in a weekend or less:

Seal Leaks.  Doors, windows and electrical outlets are common culprits....


If you think a few leaves and twigs in your gutters are harmless, think again. Regular gutter cleaning is the single most important key to avoiding major and expensive home repairs.

Gutters perform one duty: controlling the water around your home. If debris keeps gutters from doing their...


by Yuka Kato for

The summer months bring outdoor fun for many families. Unfortunately, they can also lead to some major home repair problems by summer’s end. Sometimes it’s seasonal equipment wearing out and sometimes the end of summer summer weather can become severe. These tips...

Tips on Painting Weathered Wood

When painting a home with a wood exterior, it’s not unusual to find areas that are worn and weathered.  In extreme cases, the entire house may be weather-beaten. 

Sometimes, a home is this way because it’s been years since the last paint job.  But even new construction – a recent addition,...

Find out how to increase your home’s curb appeal and value with painting tips, tricks and techniques. Learn how outdoor lighting adds security while enhancing a home’s best features, and get great ideas for roofing options, siding materials, trims and columns, gutter systems, and exterior maintenance and repair.