Selecting roofing materials and knowing when to repair a roof instead of replace it are expensive home improvement decisions, and have many years of impact on your home. Evaluating your home’s roofing needs may introduce you to possibilities such as synthetic shake and slate shingles, metal roofing and green roofing options.
In this section you'll learn about different roofing materials, and what factors to consider when deciding whether to repair or replace your roof. Learn how to maintain your roof, including special care techniques like removing algae from asphalt roofing.

A clean, functional gutter system is also critical to your home’s exterior maintenance as well as proper drainage for your property. Properly maintained gutters can prevent the need for major repairs, and smart gutter accessories like gutter guards help to make year-round gutter maintenance easier.
Find out how to clean and maintain your gutters, and learn about care requirements for such gutter systems as wood gutters. If you need to upgrade gutters, you’ll find out how to install new gutters and where to add gutter guards to your system. 

Roof and Gutters