The Money Pit

We frequently mention products and brand names in the context of our radio show, personal appearances and articles. Are we paid to mention those products or do we really believe in them?

The answer is: both.

As home improvement journalists, we are among the first to learn about new products and new technologies. When we see something we like or know about something that resolves a question from our audience, you'll hear about it. Sometimes the companies hear about our testimonials and want to pay us to talk more about it.

And we're OK with that.

As with nearly all media, our ability to provide valuable content is funded by sponsors. The key to providing value is our integrity. We do not represent products or services of questionable value. It is a judgment call we make, based on our expertise with home projects and repairs, in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission guidelines for endorsements and testimonials. (Read more here:

The bottom line is always our audience. Your trust in us is paramount, and you have our word that we will honor our relationship in everything that we do.

Tom Kraeutler
Tom Kraeutler
Leslie Segrete
Leslie Segrete
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Leslie Segrete - Leslie is probably best known as carpenter and seamstress on TLC's hit surprise makeover show, "While You Were Out". She now brings her expertise and experience to a whole new audience each week as co-host of The Money Pit...
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